BASF was originally founded in 1865 as a company to produce dyes. As the inventor of the original Hydrosulfite in 1904, BASF has significantly improved this heritage with the newer generations of dyeing and bleaching products for denim production and other applications.

Quality-oriented customers around the world seeking process stability and best yield need to look no further.

Hydrosulfite F

Hydrosulfite F is BASF’s most versatile grade of sodium dithionite. Based on a formate manufacturing approach, in line with our commitment to solutions based on sustainable manufacturing technologies, Hydrosulfite F brings to your process the consistency, quality and support that characterizes BASF as the original pioneer of hydrosulfite chemistry.

Commonly used as a reducing agent in textile, or bleaching additive in pulp and paper applications, hydrosulfite F is also utilized in other chemical processes, mineral extraction and various industrial products. Hydrosulfite F is formulated with 88.0% min sodium dithionite content and is a GOTS approved additive by ECOCERT Greenlife. It is available directly from BASF through our regional sales offices for large industrial users, as well as through a network of specialized distributors capable of providing the technical and safe-handling expertise required for this product.

HydroBlue® 90

HydroBlue® 90 is an improved formate-based hydrosulfite. It was formulated with a high degree of stability. Compared to other grades, HydroBlue® 90 is the most stable hydrosulfite on the market with extra-long shelf life of two years. The smallest variation in terms of sodium dithionite content can affect dyeing results, such as ring dyeing, fastness, and color fixation. With the consistent sodium dithionite content in HydroBlue® 90, reliable dyeing results are achieved to reproduce the same shade. In addition, measurements show that HydroBlue® 90 contain significantly less SO2 than other hydrosulfites, resulting in a reduced odor. HydroBlue® 90 is also dust free.


With a unique range of benefits for the pulp and paper industry, Adlite® offers new ways to approach thermomechanical pulping (TMP). Adlite® provides a brightness gain comparable to oxidative bleaching, a higher wood yield, substantially lower energy consumption, and less demand of chemicals in the entire production process from stock preparation to wastewater treatment. In addition, Adlite®'s stabilization system will allow refiners to optimize production processes and cost structure, while providing extra degrees of freedom to design paper grades.


No matter the source of raw material, Blankit® from BASF will help you achieve the optimal bleaching result. Blankit® is especially effective with recycled paper raw materials and is a white, microcrystalline powder blend with sodium dithionite (Na2S2O4) as a main component. Blankit® products can be tailored to the industry’s specific needs. This product is only available in Europe.

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Typical Markets

Pulp & Paper
Personal Care & Pharmaceutical
Minerals & Pigments

Associated Products


Product Packaging Shelf Life
Appearance Attributes Markets SDS TDS Share
Hydrosulfite F 110 KG Drum 12 White, crystalline powder

Formate-based, fast-dissolving dithionite

Sodium dithionite content min. 88.0

Textiles , Pulp & Paper , Personal Care & Pharmaceutical , Minerals & Pigments , Wood SDS TDS
HydroBlue® 110 KG Drum 24 White powder, dust- and odor-free

Improved shelf-life stability, reduced odor and dust, compared to F grade

Sodium dithionite content min. 90.0

Textiles , Pulp & Paper , Personal Care & Pharmaceutical , Minerals & Pigments , Wood SDS TDS
Adlite® 1000 KG, 2000 KG 24 White powder

Brightness enhancer in refiner pulp bleaching

Sodium dithionite content min. 73

Pulp & Paper , Textiles , Wood SDS TDS
Blankit® White powder Functionalized dithionite for bleaching Pulp & Paper , Wood SDS TDS

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