Enhancements for the quality of photos

Film photography is making a comeback. Differentiation is important in order to stand out in this digital world, and film brings authenticity and credibility to the photographer. Sulfites from BASF help to elevate the output of print development.

Examples of applications include:

Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Metabisulfite and Sodium Bisulfite Solution

  • Protecting developer solutions from oxidization
  • Acidification of fixing baths

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Inorganics for photographic & film industry

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Product Packaging Shelf Life
Appearance Attributes SDS TDS Share
Sodium Sulfite
Photo Grade 25 KG 24 White, odorless, fine crystalline powder

Reducing and bleaching agent

Na2SO3 content min. 98.3

Sodium Metabisulfite
Photo Grade 25 KG, 1200 KG 24 White, fine crystalline powder, with an odor of SO2

High purity product

Na2S2O5 content min. 98


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