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From everyday plastics to engineered systems developed to push the boundaries of performance, polymeric materials cover an extremely broad range of technologies and applications. One common feature still unites those products. They all rely on high quality raw materials to excel in their targeted markets. With inorganic salts and alcoholates produced under the expertise of BASF chemists in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and with application development specialists available to support users in the field, BASF is ideally positioned to provide the inorganic chemicals that customers need to succeed.

Examples of applications include:

Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride

  • Synthesis of advanced thermoplastics

Sodium Methylate and Sodium Ethylate

  • Production of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA / PVOH)
  • Processing of silicones

Ammonium Carbonate , Ammonium Bicarbonate and Ammonium Chloride

  • Rubber and foamed plastics
  • PTFE polymers
  • Paints and coatings
  • Specialty functionalized polymers

Sodium Nitrite

  • Polymer inhibitor and blowing agent

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Inorganics for polymeric materials

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Product Packaging Shelf Life
Appearance Attributes SDS TDS Share
Sodium Methylate
30% Solution Bulk 24 Clear, colorless to slightly yellowish, viscous liquid

A strong base in methanol solution for transesterification reaction, alkylation, and ethoxylation

NaOCH3 content 28.9 – 31.0

Crystals 10 x 10 KG Drum 24 Fine, white, crystallin, hygroscopic powder

A strong base for deprotonation

NaOCH3 content min. 97.5

Sodium Ethylate
21% Solution Bulk / 180 KG Drum, 800 KG Drum 24 Clear, slightly yellowish to slightly brown, viscous liquid

A strong base in ethanol solution for alkylation and ethoxylation

NaOC2H5 content 19.7 – 21.5

Ammonium Bicarbonate
O Food Grade 22.68 KG 12 Fine, white crystals with a slight smell of ammonia; tend to cake

Untreated grade without anti-caking agent

NH4HCO3 content min. 99.9

Ammonium Carbonate
Crystals 25 KG 6 Fine, colourless crystals with a strong ammoniacal odour. Product cakes during storage

Source of ammonia and CO2 through thermal decomposition

NH3 content 30.5 – 34.0 & CO2 content min. 55.6

Ammonium Chloride
NA Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 24 White, fine crystalline powder

Technical grade with anti-caking up to 0.05

NH4Cl content min. 99.7

Aluminum Chloride
Ground 1050 KG, 250 KG, 50 KG Drum 6 White to slightly yellow or grey hygroscopic material

Catalyst and flocculant

AlCl3 content min. 99.0

Screened 1000 KG, 230 KG, 50 KG 6 White to slightly yellow or grey hygroscopic material

Catalyst and flocculant

AlCl3 content min. 99.0

Sodium Nitrite
HQ FF Technical Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 36 White to slightly yellow crystalline product

High purity product via synthetic manufacturing

NaNO2 content min. 99.0


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