As a result of their reactivity profile, inorganic salts and alcoholates are frequently found in chemical processing. Used as reactants, catalysts or other processing aids, inorganic chemicals offered by BASF are essential building blocks for a broad range of chemistries and processes across all segments of the industry. As the leading chemical company in the world, it is no surprise that BASF is an ideal partner for the production and supply of the salts and alcoholates needed to run your chemical processes successfully and efficiently.

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Water Treatment

Inorganic salts produced with a constant focus on purity, quality and sustainability, that contribute to bringing safe and clean water to a growing world population

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Metal Treatment

Essential components for a successful preparation or modification of metal surfaces

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Leather Treatment

Inorganic salts for the tanning process of leather

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Catalysts and additives for the production of essential chemical building blocks

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Oil & Gas

Chemistries for hydraulic fracturing

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Polymeric Materials

Chemistries enabling the production of advanced materials, polymers and composites

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