Definition in etching and dyeing for the printing industry

In this digital world, printing stands out. Product quality of the output has to be right. Inorganic materials from BASF support the customers' needs for the best offset printing or truest color.

Examples of applications include:

Sodium Nitrite

  • Oxidization of colorings and prints containing leuco-vat dyestuffs
  • Protection against excessive reduction when coloring and printing using certain vat dyes

Ferric Chloride

  • In offset and intaglio printing
  • Photogravure printing
  • Manufacture of signs

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Inorganics for printing

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Product Packaging Shelf Life
Appearance Attributes SDS TDS Share
Ferric Chloride
Anhydrous 998 KG, 60 KG Drum 12 Dark green to black crystalline powder

Strong oxidizing agent with hexagonal layer structure

FeCl3 content min. 98.7

Sodium Nitrite
HQ FF Technical Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 36 White to slightly yellow crystalline product

High purity product via synthetic manufacturing

NaNO2 content min. 99.0


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