Inorganic salts to prepare, clean, and help enhance metals

Metals are everywhere. In order to get the most of their potential and ensure the longevity of the articles and structures in which they are used, various treatments are performed, which have been developed over the years and which rely on high quality chemicals for optimal performance. Several of BASF's inorganic salts, including ammonium salts, nitrogen salts and metal chloride have evolved to become key ingredients in those formulations and have been used globally to help enhance the properties of metal.

Examples of applications include:

Ammonium Chloride

  • Preparation of metal surfaces for electroplating, etching or soldering

Ferric Chloride

  • Preparation of etching solutions

Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite

  • Constituent of chemical agent for descaling, pickling, burnishing process for various metals
  • Constituent of cleaning and passivating baths

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Inorganics for metal treatment

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Product Packaging Shelf Life
Appearance Attributes SDS TDS Share
Ammonium Chloride
NA Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 24 White, fine crystalline powder

Technical grade with anti-caking up to 0.05

NH4Cl content min. 99.7

Ferric Chloride
Anhydrous 998 KG, 60 KG Drum 12 Dark green to black crystalline powder

Strong oxidizing agent with hexagonal layer structure

FeCl3 content min. 98.7

Sodium Nitrate
HQ FF Technical Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 36 White, crystalline product

High purity product via synthetic manufacturing, perchlorate free

Sodium Nitrate content min. 99.5

Sodium Nitrite
HQ FF Technical Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 36 White to slightly yellow crystalline product

High purity product via synthetic manufacturing

NaNO2 content min. 99.0


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