Enhanced hydrosulfite chemistries for optimal performance in pulp and paper

Sodium hydrosulfite is especially effective at brightening wood pulp. Conventional hydrosulfites from BASF offer reliability and results for most pulp and paper mills while enhanced grades such as Adlite® or Blankit® bring tailored performance for recycled paper and TMP processes.

Examples of applications include:

Hydrosulfite / Blankit® / Adlite®

  • Pulp bleaching
  • Brightness enhancer for recycled paper
  • Optimization of thermo-mechanical pulping

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Inorganics for wood

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Product Packaging Shelf Life
Appearance Attributes SDS TDS Share
Hydrosulfite F 110 KG Drum 12 White, crystalline powder

Formate-based, fast-dissolving dithionite

Sodium dithionite content min. 88.0

HydroBlue® 110 KG Drum 24 White powder, dust- and odor-free

Improved shelf-life stability, reduced odor and dust, compared to F grade

Sodium dithionite content min. 90.0

Adlite® 1000 KG, 2000 KG 24 White powder

Brightness enhancer in refiner pulp bleaching

Sodium dithionite content min. 73

Blankit® White powder Functionalized dithionite for bleaching SDS TDS

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