Purity is the key for greater efficiency

Renewable resources, such as solar energy, are playing an increasingly important role in power supplies throughout the globe. BASF is one of the few companies that produces sodium nitrate chemically, with mining providing an alternative extraction method. The greatest benefit of BASF's chemically-produced salt is its purity: the fewer magnesium or chlorine remnants in the salt, the better it is suited for use in a concentrated solar power plant.

Sodium nitrate from BASF impresses with its especially high level of purity. The corrosiveness and NOx emissions of the molten salt can be influenced in a targeted manner through the addition of additives. Molten salts containing additives have a lower rate of nitrite decomposition, reducing the NOx emissions by more than 30 percent, and reducing the loss of mass of the heat transfer medium.

With years of experience with major concentrated solar power projects, BASF can offer technical and logistical support to maximize the performance of your plants.

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Sodium Nitrate
HQ FF Technical Grade 1000 KG, 25 KG 36 White, crystalline product

High purity product via synthetic manufacturing, perchlorate free

Sodium Nitrate content min. 99.5


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